Exciting Anti-Aging Discoveries in Exercise

THIS is the video I've been promising for weeks! My video production schedule was put on pause for the book launch. I'm ramping it back up again and I'm very excited about this next video. Paul Holbrook presented how he helps his clients...

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Your Mind Is Your Body

  For years, Western doctors have separated the mind from the body in order to study and treat them. But there’s a different way of looking at it, which is more common to Eastern medicines: The body and brain are one and always have been. They're an...

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Are You Comfortably Challenged With Exercise?

If you want your body to change through exercise, it needs to be challenging in some way. But, challenge and comfort don't necessarily sit at opposite ends of the spectrum. Often when coaching clients, I'll ask them to get to a pace where they're feeling comfortably...

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Killer Advanced Abs Workout on the Ball

In my last video, I showed you how to get the best results out of your abs workout on the ball. Click here to get the basics down! In the video above, I show you some of my favorite advanced abdominal exercises on the ball....

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Best Results from Your Abs Workout on the Ball

In my last video, I talked about the myth that abs are made in the kitchen and how there is some truth to it. But abs are truly made in your workout. In the video above, I show how to get the best results out of your abs...

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Just How Dangerous Is Sitting?

I was at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Conference in Denver earlier this month, where sports medicine docs, athletic trainers, physical therapists and exercise physiologists from around the world were presenting their most current, cutting edge...

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Are Abs Made in the Kitchen?

Are Abs made in the kitchen? Is 90% of your weight loss done in the kitchen? These are two popular myths floating around the internet and in the media today.

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Losing Weight Fast – Two Athletes Tell All

In this video I interview two, semi professional athletes who are extremely experienced with weight loss because it goes hand in hand with their sport. Denis Trofimov and Jeremy Jackson share their insights on the realities of losing weight fast, the challenges of diets, and how it all effects physical performance.

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Get Real Results From Your Workout

You want results from your workout. You don’t have a lot of time to exercise. So when you exercise, you want to get the most out of the time you spend.   We don’t see the results of our workouts immediately, so it's...

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Arms Workout with Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are great while traveling. It's like having a portable gym! Denis and I are using bands for our arms workout in the video above. (We're on the Italian side of the Mediterranean Sea during our last vacation.) When I travel, I...

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Exercise, Travel and Anti-Aging

Mainstream thinking tells us that our bodies must decline as we get older. It doesn’t need to be true. In fact, exercise is a powerful anti-aging tool. Do it while on vacation where you can compound it with rest for great results.

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New Year: New Way of Making Changes

If you're planning to make changes to your nutrition and exercise habits this year, I have something for you to think about: Changing habits can be difficult. Exercising and changing your diet because you're trying to fix something about yourself that you don't like...

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Prevent the Plateaus: Are Your Workouts Missing Something?

  If workouts are going to be a regular part of our life and we want them to keep "working", we need to strategically cycle between more and less difficult workouts. Periodization is a word that's usually only heard around athletes in training, but it's an important...

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Flow is a mental state where you are fully energized, focused on, and enjoying an activity.

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Can Exercise Be Enjoyable? Introducing the Concept of Flow

When you’re experiencing flow, you’re enjoying what you’re doing so much that you lose track of time. You even lose track of yourself. You become one with the activity. But, can you experience flow with regular exercise?

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