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Movement Workshops

Learn from an exercise physiologist’s point of view, how to optimize results from your workout, minimize injury, and enjoy daily movement more.

Intro to Yoga for the Tech

If you’re someone who makes a living working on computers, or you just find yourself on the computer a lot, there are yoga poses that you can gain much benefit from. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to do fundamental positions for maximum benefit and minimal injury in the life of technology. You’ll also experience some less-traditional stretches that you can incorporate into your yoga routine or other daily movement that will counteract the effects of sitting long hours at the desk and working at the computer such as low back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, and bad posture. We end with a total body relaxation and meditation. You don’t need to have previous yoga experience-all levels can benefit from this workshop.

Intro to Yoga for the Runner, Swimmer, and Biker

If you run, swim, bike, or do all three, you can derive great benefits from yoga. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to do fundamental yoga positions to enhance your athletic lifestyle. You’ll also learn some less-traditional stretches that can be incorporated into your yoga routine or daily exercise. All of these will help keep your body functioning at its best, and enable you to continue to be athletic for a long time to come. We end with a total body relaxation and meditation. No need to have previous yoga experience to benefit from this workshop.

Abs, Running, and Yoga

In this experiential workshop, you’ll learn how yoga, abs exercises, and running go hand in hand. We’ll start by practicing some yoga basics and best practices for abdominal work, and then head out for a mile or two of a practice run. After our short run, we’ll come back for a cool down with relaxing yoga stretches on the mat. No need to have previous yoga experience to benefit from this workshop.

Intro to Your Gym

You may have a gym at your apartment building or your place of work, but do you know how to use it? If not, you’re not alone. Many people want to exercise but don’t, because they don’t know how to use their gym. Others are brave enough to give it a try anyway, and learn a couple of moves by watching others on the sly. There are healthy, proven ways to use exercise machines, and things you can do that can hurt your body in the long-term. It’s worth it to know the difference! Besides, it’s more fun to exercise when you know what you’re doing, and that what you’re doing will bring the results you’re looking for.

Informative Talks

More than just talks – you’ll enjoy these interactive, memorable experiences.

The Biggest Food Myths Today

There are many half-truths floating around the internet about food and nutrition today. The information starts as a result of a research study or credible quote but, like the telephone effect, it changes as it gets passed on. We’ll discuss the biggest food topics in the news today and how the mainstream media has gotten them wrong so you’ll know what to focus on and avoid the rest of the fluff.

Fitness for the Entrepreneur

Many people put down taking care of themselves in order to focus on business, but the two go hand in hand. The healthier you are, the better your mind and body will function, the better your business will be, and the more your investment in both areas will pay off. You are doing your business a disservice if you neglect yourself. Learn how fitness can take minimal time and mental energy, and if you can succeed at business, you can succeed in fitness.

Blood Sugar, Insulin, Diet and Exercise 

Twenty two million people or 9.3 percent of the US population has diabetes and the numbers are rising (CDC 2014). Chances are you know someone who is diabetic or maybe your family has a history of the disease. Learn in the simplest terms what insulin sensitivity is and how insulin works in your body to regulate blood sugar. Get an exercise physiologist and nutritionist’s perspective on what can you do to keep your insulin normalized and your blood glucose under control to reduce your risk of diabetes.

How Fitness Fits

This topical discussion filters out what busy people need to know about exercise. By the time we’re through, you’ll understand what the fads are, why they only work temporarily, how much time you realistically need to spend on exercise, and what kinds of exercises you needn’t waste time or energy doing.

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