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I love the students in my exercise classes. Every single one. I don’t know how I got so lucky to get all of these great people together in one room!

Last night I was telling them about my blog and asking them what I thought I should name it.

One of the students suggested “The Monday Night Whipping”. Hmm.. Is that what they think of my class!!?? (O.K. I admit, it’s a good thing!) Then, another student said I should call it “The Daily Whipping”.

I liked that idea because we all need to get whipped into shape every now and then.  But, cracking the whip is just one of the ways I motivate.  I want this blog to be an interesting read…  encouraging, fun and engaging with a few good stories and something for people to ponder every now and then.

I’m creating this blog to help people see that fitness really can and does fit into everyday life, eating healthy can be easy and delicious and exercise doesn’t have to be a drag.  I’ll also share my travel adventures and tips for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle while traveling.  It’s all in the name of staying healthy and making it simple and fun!

Write below and tell me what you want to read about.  I’ll provide the entertainment and of course, a little whipping now and then!

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