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Flow is a mental state where you are fully energized, focused on, and enjoying an activity.

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Can Exercise Be Enjoyable? Introducing the Concept of Flow

When you’re experiencing flow, you’re enjoying what you’re doing so much that you lose track of time. You even lose track of yourself. You become one with the activity. But, can you experience flow with regular exercise?

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Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These chicken lettuce wraps are so easy and fast! They're low in calories yet high in taste and nutrition. They're a fun option for dinner when you don't want to cook much. They're also an excellent option for lunch as fresh leftovers: save some of the diced chicken,...

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To Eat Healthy, Planning Is Key | LuciFit Coaching

Above is my counter top after the farmers' market. When I get home, I wash and prepare the food immediately. (And, yes, I eat some of it while working!)   I encourage clients to plan and shop for three to four dinners at the beginning of the week. It can feel a...

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Fresh Figs and Goat Cheese: A Decadent, Healthy Dessert

Fresh figs and goat's cheese taste like decadence. They're a perfect ending to any dinner in the summer, when fresh figs are in season. Along with a very reasonable calorie count this dessert has some natural, healthy benefits: 1) it’s sweet with no added sugar, 2)...

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Your Hidden Fitness

Not seeing the numbers on the scale go down as fast as you think they should? You're not alone. So many people go through the same ordeal in the beginning of a weight loss endeavor. They work hard to maintain a clean diet...

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Do Calories Count?

(Watch the video or read below.) Some say counting calories doesn’t matter, but it can make the difference between success or failure in weight loss and weight maintenance. If you’re eating clean foods and exercising and...

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Getting Real with Weight Loss

I saw someone in the gym the other day that I hadn't seen in a long time. I didn't recognize her at first because she was half her size. She lost a lot of weight. When I asked her how she lost all that weight she said, "I got real." "I...

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