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The amount of improvement a well-rounded fitness program makes to all areas of life usually surprises my clients and students. If they’re involved in sports they’re usually even more surprised at how much their performance improves after they adapt a well-rounded fitness plan -even if they’ve been practicing for years.

What’s a well-rounded fitness program?

It’s the following, at a minimum:

  • 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week
  • A total body weight workout 2 times per week
  • Total body stretching 5x per week
  • Yoga and/or Pilates 1-2x per week

How does a well-rounded fitness program help you play great golf?


1.) Physical endurance is critical to mental acuity.

Ask any coach and they’ll tell you that when your body is drained, your mind is the first thing to go. Training your body for endurance will enable you to stand long hours and walk the course in all types of weather without losing your edge. Jogging, swimming, bicycling, or any other cardiovascular activity performed at a relatively challenging intensity for at least 150 minutes per week is ideal for overall fitness and will greatly support your physical and mental endurance on the course.

2.) Great golf swings begin by generating power and speed from the lower body

and transferring it through the torso, the arms, and into the club. Strong and flexible legs and hips provide a superior base for the rest of your swing. Strengthening the legs with weights and balance drills twice per week and stretching the lower body daily will give you strong legs, flexible hips, a resilient low back, and an excellent foundation for your golf swing.

3.) In order to move the power and speed from your legs through to your arms, you need strength and flexibility through your spine.

These days the spine tends to get weak and tight from the sitting postures we assume all day. In golf, a tight thoracic spine (the area between your shoulder blades) can result in lower back and shoulder injury. When your thoracic spine and shoulder blades don’t move properly, your shoulders and lumbar spine can suffer from excessive rotation, extension or impingement. A weekly Pilates or yoga class (or both) will strengthen and improve mobility of your entire spine including the thoracic area. These exercises also improve posture and core strength which will enable you to strike the ball with consistency and produce the distance you’re capable of.

Arm and shoulder strength is also important

so the lead arm is strong enough at full extension during impact. Wrist and forearm strength enables you to hold the club in correct position, which contributes to speed and power. Ankle strength and flexibility assists proper stance and fends off twisting an ankle on unstable terrain.


So now you can see, if you want to play your best golf game

a well rounded fitness program can work wonders.  It’ll ensure your body performs at it’s best, and with integrity, through your entire golf game or any other sport you play.  Add these components to a good coach and regular hours of practice, your performance will be exponentially enhanced.

A personal trainer can make a big difference in your success

in creating a well rounded routine that’s also safe, and focuses on your individual needs and goals. He or she can also help you to eliminate imbalances and create injury prevention strategies so you can enjoy your time in the sport without being sidelined by an injury that may have been preventable.

If you’re looking for a premier personal trainer with expertise and experience

LuciFit, LLC trainers are known for their excellent professional backgrounds and unparalleled results. They bring the highest quality services and practices based on the most up-to date, scientific information. They’ll work hand in hand with your coach and/or health professionals to ensure you’re getting the best individualized program possible. Contact me if you’d like more details.

If you want to add Pilates and Yoga to your repertoire and do it in the comfort of your own home

head over to my Exercise Video page and get yourself a CoreFit class which includes both Pilates and yoga in one hour.  Do one per week and watch how your performance ramps up.

For most of America it’s not yet time to get on the course.

But it’s a great time to start ramping up your fitness.

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